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nature trees autumn forest animals deer 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_99The Nature Coach – “Bring Your Dreams To Life By Connecting With Your TRUE Nature”

This powerful online coaching programme is the first part of the brand new collection of transformational services that Julie is now very excited to be offering.  If you want to change and to bring your dreams to life, for the highest good, then this may be the perfect programme for you!

This flexible, online programme focuses on applying powerful Laws of Nature, including human nature, the nature of change, as well as mother nature and will help you bring your dreams to fruition.  Julie has created a wonderful opportunity to be coached by her – bringing over twenty years of her experience and expertise together in this truly transformative programme.

If this sounds exciting to you and you are ready to bring your dreams to life then please click HERE to find out more about this amazing programme and to book your FREE 15 minute initial discussion with Julie.  It’s time to bring your dreams to life!


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Voice of the Animals – Guiding Our Evolution, Rebalancing Our Worlds

Julie Lines is a unique personal development expert, intuitive animal communicator, animal ambassador, author and facilitator.  After fifteen years of experience as a global leadership and personal development expert, Julie founded Voice of the Animals back in 2009,  The Nature Coach in 2014, is co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences since 2012 and in 2012 became author of
The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond.

Julie stepped away from working within the corporate world, as a coaching and development expert, back in 2009, to learn more about helping take humanity back to balance, specifically through developing her abilities to listen to animals and nature.  She has learnt, and continues to learn SO much from these experiences.  She is absolutely passionate about helping humanity change, knowing that, with this change, everyone, regardless of their species, will benefit.   Read on to learn about more of the services that Julie offers and then following that, she will also share with you a bit more about why she founded Voice of the Animals.


So What Other Services Does Voice of the Animals Offer?

We offer a range of services that support you in transforming the way you perceive yourself and animals, to change the way you live, for the good of all.

“The Purpose of Species, Animal Messages For Humanity In 2012 and Beyond”

Julie began channelling messages from the collective consciousness of animal species back in 2010, prompted by Charles Darwin’s book “On The Origin of Species”.  She realised that he had talked about HOW he believed animals came to be here, she was intuitively guided to share with humanity WHY they were here, their purpose.  The animals were ready and waiting to offer guidance from their unique wisdom and perspective, to assist in our (humanity’s) urgent need to rebalance. This first volume, contains the first 44 messages and is a beautiful, 8.5″ x 11″ full colour, coffee table-style book. Published on the 21/12/12.

Order your copy now HERE or Click here to read more about it.

  The ‘Awakening to Animals International Conference”

Each conference has eight globally renowned animal expert speakers sharing their latest work and understanding, helping to bridge new science and animal spirituality.  Join our growing community of positive action oriented, like minded souls. Watch out for more news about the next conference in 2015.

animal-animals-autumn-cute-flamingo-Favim.com-429538The Global Task Force

Another new development that Julie is currently establishing is called The Global Task Force.  It is a crucially important link between authentic, animal charities that are working to protect animals and the many people that she encounters that want to help but don’t know how to.

The Global Task Force works alongside the selected animal charity, firstly helping them to establish greater clarity, in a transformational and limitless way, around their utopian vision, mission and values.  It then helps them to identify up to three key projects that will help achieve these ultimate aims.

Once these projects are clearly defined the Task Force then starts to invite applications from interested and aligned people (we call them Volunteer Experts) with the specific skills, experience and connections needed for a specific project.

The Task Force is currently working with an incredible animal charity, testing the model and creating a robust case study so that they can then invite ethical organisations to partner alongside them.  This serves at least three purposes:

  • to gain financial support for the projects
  • a wonderful opportunity for the organisation to have their brand associated with the transformational work
  • it also gives them an opportunity to get their people involved in helping achieve the projects, for personal and career development.

Julie strongly believes that by creating such collaborative working parties, truly transformational achievement is possible, for the good of all.


You CAN Talk With The Animals! Animal Communication Playshops  

Julie is absolutely passionate about helping as many others as possible to learn, for themselves, how to effectively communicate with animals.  She knows that as we learn to connect with animals, not only do they share things about themselves but they also teach us so much about ourselves and are hugely wise teachers and guides.   In order to share her wisdom and experience, Julie offers her very popular weekend foundational Playshop, “You CAN Talk With The Animalsseveral times a year.

On Line Learning Pre-recorded Webinar Programme – Communicating with Animals Intuitively*

If you are unable to physically attend one of Julie’s Playshops, this programme of  ten pre-recorded 40 minute (approx.) online learning modules (seminars on the web) will give you everything you need to develop your ability to communicate effectively with animals, step by step, in the comfort of your own choosing and timescales.

*SPECIAL PRICE NOW AVAILABLE for the complete Communicating with Animals Intuitively Programme – Just £40 buys you the ten session complete programme, click on the webinar tab above for all the details!!!


Plus Voice of the Animals offers many additional resources and support including:

  • Our Community E-Zine with articles about animal welfare, communication, intelligence, how we can all assist in raising awareness for the good of all and all the latest news about Voice of the Animals is completely FREE when you sign up to our website.  The e-zine is published approximately every 2-3 months, no more than that.
  • Recommended Resources  excellent books and other relevant organisations web links are on our resources page, helping you to deepen your knowledge and understanding about animals and yourself.
  •  Blog Updates to offer you inspiration, news, communication tips and exercises for you to practice, also totally FREE when you sign up to our website.

Who is  Julie Lines?

Julie Lines is an expert personal development coach, a passionate animal ambassador,  professional intuitive animal communicator, author, facilitator, guide and much more than that!  Her background, having enjoyed a long and successful career, specialising as a facilitator and coach in the area of corporate leadership for over fifteen years, has given Julie a unique set of abilities and skills to help to change the relationship between humanity and animals, for the good of all.

Julie has studied and practiced many different things including psychology, she is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a skillful and experienced interspecies communicator and has studied the ancient wisdom’s of manifestation and natural laws.

In her words “The really exciting thing about the purpose of this organisation is that it offers people, who are awakening to the truth about how we are all interconnected, opportunities to really step into their true purpose and become the person they were born to become.  This not only feels great for them but it also is great for everyone, whatever their species!  We are at an unprecedented time in our evolution and everyone who is remembering the truth is needed to step into their power and to join with all the other like hearted souls to help create the huge changes and transformations required. This truly is a matter of life and death at this point in history.

Learning how to listen to the animals not only offers the animals a chance to have their voice heard and acknowledged but it also gives people an amazing opportunity to learn about themselves, from the animal’s perspective. It allows a better understanding of perspectives and behaviour, for all parties, and this is a hugely helpful tool that allows powerful shifts to occur, increasing harmony and balance. Animals are proficient at being present (not thinking about the past or future) and, therefore, respond with a perfect mirror to the person they are relating to.  They are incredibly wise and wonderful teachers.

Overall, this deeper mutual understanding  helps to create greater tolerance, flexibility and awareness and is truly transformational.  The outcomes I continue to be honoured to witness and guide demonstrate this profound impact.  The changes that occur in each individual has a ripple effect that assists in the rebalancing of the planet and that is what I am here to assist with.”

You can read more about Julie  HERE  and read what some of the people that have worked with Julie have to say about the work she is doing on our Testimonials page.